Niwot Youth Sports Coaching Information

Thank You

Thank you to all our current coaches for volunteering to coach at Niwot Youth Sports. The success of our programs depends entirely upon you. As a volunteer coach, you have the ability to significantly impact our young athlete’s lives in a positive way.

Want to be a Coach?

If you are interested in coaching a team or would like more information about coaching, please contact Pat Longseth or the director of the sport you are interested in coaching.  We are always in need of head coaches and assistant coaches.  Training is available.

Coaching Requirements

As part of providing a safe, positive environment for our kids, ALL NYS named coaches are required to submit to a background check once per school year. All background checks are performed by a third party contracted by Niwot Youth Sports at no cost to you.  Please click the link below to complete your background check application.

All information submitted will be held in confidence by the background check vendor. A member of NYS will review the report and inform the appropriate league commissioner in the event of a disqualification. Please download a copy of the NYS Background Screening Policy for more information.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Niwot Youth Sports.

Concussion Training

Colorado passed a youth concussion law known as the “Jake Snakenberg Youth Concussion Act”. This law went into effect Jan. 1, 2012. All officially named coaches for NYS must take a concussion training course prior to having contact with NYS players.  Use the link below to complete the course.  It will take approximately 30min to complete. You will first be ask for your name (to be printed on the certificate).  At the end of the video you can save the certificate and email a copy to Executive Director, Pat Longseth.

Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports

Please note, that any player suspected of having suffered a head injury or possible concussion, is to be removed from play immediately.  No player is allowed to return to play until they are cleared, in writing, by a medical professional.


Baseball Resources

Annual coaches clinics held with the Niwot High School coaching staff. We feel it is important for our coaches to teach the same basic fundamentals, so as our kids move forward, they are hearing and learning the same things from every coach.

Basketball Resources

iHoops – AAU Basketball training tools, tips, articles, and multimedia.

Guide to Coaching Sports – A guide to coaching and teaching youth basketball.

Basketball Training Videos – A variety of videos on coaching, drills, and plays.